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Ausstellung | National

Let's Meet Project, Woven Space show

Emily Hildebrand, Viviana Gonzalez
FAtpermanent art space, Baumgartenstr. 23, Schaffhausen

What is and what can be understood by each of us as our territory or place of belonging? What are its boundaries and how does it construct identity? How do the symbolic and physical collide and or collaborate? Woven Space is the first exhibition of the Let’s Meet Project to explore these questions. The Let’s Meet Project is an art project that began through the simple act of meeting: conversing, sketching and identifying the common nodes of our immigration experiences that cross our artistic practices while we explore how what we bring from our cultural backgrounds affects how we inhabit the space in which we currently live.
Viviana Gonzalez, Emily Hildebrand, Marina Tomic, Karyna Herrera, Ximena Gomez, Zeljka Micanovic,Lee Lichtenstein, Mayboll Vargas